Mira Jokic, born 1947 Belgrade, Serbia

Mira started artistic training at the early age of 13 in the Studio/workshop of the sculptor M. Nikolic.

She continued to the Academy of Fine Arts, Belgrade, majoring in sculpture. After the graduation she lived and worked in Paris, France for two years. From there she emigrated to USA and settled in NYC. For the following 30 years she rased family and ran her own business, Mira Images Inc. in the textile industry.

In 2001 she dedicated herself full time to fine arts.

Her love for textiles and fibers left strong mark, which led to its later use as one of the materials in her artistic practice. She traveled extensively. Particular trip to Japan, which opened lifetime investigation into Eastern traditions, philosophy and aesthetics which influence is felt strongly to this day.

Extensive periods spent in Oaxaca Mx. offered insights into the rich, artistic and spiritual culture of indigenous people and magnificent encounters with nature. It is there, that she was introduced to ancient technique of felting. That practice was followed by numerous exhibitions, installations, and collaborative projects.

Mira moves freely from small intimate paper works to the installations. In her work, texture, form, line and dimension are often radical in their simplicity. Seamingly tranquil in its nature, possessing underlying tension, it evokes intimate poetry.

Mira has exhibited her work in solo and group shows in the USA and Mexico. She presently lives and works in NYC.